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I am a leader & full-stack engineer deeply interested in agile methodologies, web technologies, software crafting and teaching. I'm happiest when I can remove blockers for the the team and the client. I am fascinated with the human side of software development and love creating products that help people. I create and contribute to a variety of open source projects, engage in a multitude of community events, and enjoy attending and speaking at conferences.


04/2021 — current

Staff Engineer

Working on a big Elixir & Phoenix application with a focus on the payments domain, meeting business demands, suggesting and implementing improvements.

08/2020 — 03/2021

Staff Developer

Engineering Lead for a team working in the Shipping domain.

08/2019 — 07/2020

Freelance Leader, Developer & Consultant

Consulting, Teaching and Development.

  • Helped a company develop their first Elixir project, introducing the technology to the team
  • Work on a complex microservice metrics visualization application
  • Open Source Work on SimpleCov thanks to Ruby Together
  • Consult on the design, architecture & implementation of an open source project, including implementation

11/2017 — 2/2019

Tech Lead (de facto Head of Engineering)

Led a team of 15 together with the CTO, handling the day-to-day needs of the team.

  • Helped, mentored & guided colleagues through 1o1s, pairing sessions, pull request reviews and knowledge sharing sessions
  • Ran retrospective and iteration meetings, continously adapting and improving processes
  • Architected and designed features with the squads
  • Monitored application performance and fixed performance problems
  • Screened and interviewed candidates
  • Gathered problems and requirements to define and discuss solutions
  • Ran integration projects with customers and other involved parties

01/2017 — 11/2017

Senior Software Developer (de facto Team Lead)

Helped operations and partners deliver packages on the same day.

  • Built and maintained applications to track shipments, plan tours and manage all required logistics data in Ruby on Rails, Elixir and Phoenix as well as JavaScript (AngularJS, React)
  • Stepped in for the CTO during a sabbatical
  • Identified and fix performance bottlenecks
  • Ran retrospective and others meetings

01/2015 — 10/2016

Software Engineer

Built applications, helping companies blossom. Worked as part of a team or team lead on customer projects big and small. Introduced practices such as retrospectives and CI-servers and mentored juniors.

05/2013 — 09/2018

Part-Time Freelancer

Occassionally projects related to teaching programming, such as an introductory course at Humboldt-University Berlin.

05/2012 — current

Speaker, Program Committee Member & Organizer

I like to speak at conferences to share knowledge and spread ideas. I have spoken at conferences such as Ruby On Ice, Lambdadays, Polyconf and Full Stack Fest (overview of my talks). I also helped organize JRubyConf & eurucamp 2015 and was a member of the program committee of GOTO Berlin 2014.

Open Source
06/2012 — current

Creator, Maintainer & Contributor

I live and breathe Open Source and contribute to a variety of projects. This is a selection of bigger projects I maintain.

  • benchee a powerful and extensible benchmarking library for elixir and erlang
  • simplecov the popular ruby code coverage tool
  • Shoes an easy to use GUI toolkit written in JRuby that I also participated in Google Summer of Code with

Ruby User Group Berlin
10/2012 — current

Main Organizer

A monthly meetup about Ruby and related technologies, with anywhere between 40-120 attendees. Co-created the Berlin Code of Conduct to ensure and promote a safe environment.

Rails Girls / code curious
06/2012 — current

Coach & Mentor

Rails Girls helps to diversify the tech community by helping beginners to get in touch with programming. I coach at workshops and since 2013 I also coach a weekly project group, the rubycorns, helping attendees grow into Juniors & beyond.

Hasso Plattner Institute
2008 — 2014

Bachelor & Master in IT-Systems Engineering
Final Grade:
1.2 (A)
Software Architecture & Internet Security
Collaborative Learning in a Massive Open Online Course environment

Blekinge Institute of Technology
08/2011 — 03/2012

ERASMUS Master in Software Engineering
Agile Software Project Management

Enginneering Practices

  • agile Software Development (XP/Scrum)
  • Test Driven Development (RSpec, ExUnit, Jasmine...)
  • Pair Programming
  • Version Control (git)


  • Object Oriented Programming (Ruby, Smalltalk)
  • Functional Programming (Elixir, functional JavaScript)
  • Web frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Phoenix)
  • Design Patterns

Leadership Skills

  • Run and moderate meeetings such as Retrospectives
  • one-on-ones
  • Mentoring and Teaching
  • Empathy
  • Eye for process improvements and bottle necks

Web Development

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Angular
  • HTML
  • CSS
Native speaker
Full working proficiency
Limited working proficiency
Basic knowledge