I'm a freelancing consultant/developer, who can be helpful to you and your company in multiple ways. My main expertise is in the following categories:

The bulk of my technical expertise is in Ruby, Elixir, PostgreSQL and web applications. I also like to do JavaScript & CSS.

If you want to get in touch please email me. If you want to know more about me check out my Resume or my Talks.


Booked until the end of 2020.


I've successfully lead teams small and bigger (~15 people). I've also been through the growth process to get from a small team to a larger team and the challanges involved therein. These challenges often revolve mostly around humans, communication and processes. I'm also well aware of the challenges involved in taking a problem, exploring viable solutions and then implementing them.

How I might help you:

Web Application Performance

Performance and particularly benchmarks are a passion of mine that I write and talk about. Just one of the many reasons that I created the premiere Elixir benchmarking tool benchee. I'd love to help you make your server response times faster, cut down on resource usage, reduce the amount of servers you need to run and provide a snappier user experience.

How I might help you:

Open Source

I've been maintaining Open Source projects for longer than people have paid me to do programming. That means I have a very clear view of what it means to maintain an Open Source project, the common work flows, what problems you might face and what you should look out for before open sourcing something.

How I might help you:


I've been coaching and mentoring in many capacities through introduction to programming workshops, weekly sessions, university courses as well as part of my daily work and one-on-ones. I can use that teaching knowledge to help your organization shine in my fields of expertise.

How I might help you:

Application Development

With my experience in application development I can help you with building and extending an application. In general I aim to cover the whole stack. My core technological lie within Ruby, Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, SQL databases, Architecture, Object Oriented Programming and Functional Programming. I've also done JavaScript (plain, AngularJS, React) and CSS but my last bigger project was a while ago.

How I might help you: