Hi there! So you are just starting with Rails? That's great! And then this place is for you. It summarizes some of the most important information about Ruby on Rails for your reference. Those things that you tend to forget especially in the beginning like: How do I start the server? and What was that config directory for again?. Furthermore it is directly aimed at beginners so contrary to common concise cheat sheets it contains rather verbose descriptions of some concepts. I think it can be of help for all people who just started with Ruby and Rails, no matter if they are experienced software developers or total beginners. Although it is mainly aimed at the latter group :-)

A word of warning: This is the first release of this cheat sheet so it may contain inaccuracies or even faults. However accuracy isn't the first concern of this cheat sheet. Simplicity is. I want to help people get started with Ruby and Rails, not confuse them with every edge case you can think of.

This is not meant to be a complete guide to Ruby on Rails. If you are looking for more information, I keep a list of good resources for learning Ruby and Rails (among other things) at my blog.

Is there a PDF?

Yes Tom created a repeatable process to create PDFs of this cheat sheet, yay! You can check out the PDF here . Caroline built a single page version with links! I suggest you check both of them out and see which one you like better! However, the first is more up to date.


There may be errors, misspelled words or inaccuracies here. There might be something important missing or something might be confusing. Maybe the design is just sub-par. If you find anything like this: please contact me! You can report issues at github where you also get an overview of the currently known issues. Or if you don't have a github account drop me an email. I will try to fix issues as soon as possible, but if you can and want to you can fix them yourself! Just send a pull request to github repository.


This page is brought to you by some people, who want to provide you with a better learning experience! Here you can find out who they are.

Creator and Maintainer

This cheat sheet is proudly brought to you by Tobias Pfeiffer. However please call me Tobi and on the Internet I'm mostly known as PragTob. I originally built this for my Rails Girls Berlin project group, but I believe a lot of people getting into Rails can benefit from it.

If you want to know more about me you can check out my blog, twitter or github!


As open source is awesome, people can jump in and improve things! So here is a little list of awesome contributors: